Time out for a Class Picture with More Painting Yet to Come!

From to top row, left to right:
Barbara, Dale, PH Taylor,
Robin, Susan, Lynn
Maureen, Missi, Nancy
Judy, Liz and Steve.

Steve paints a wide mountain vista in the morning from the porch...

Lynn catches taking her picture. Her son made this wonderful painting box.

Barbara creates two garden paintings just a few feet apart - one in the morning; another in the afternoon.

Nancy focuses on a barn scene with flowers...

Maureen and Liz paint uniquely different paintings from the same spot. Maureen in acrylic, Liz in pastel...

Missi goes for an intimate view of the historic house as the sunlight siftly passes.

Susan, a veteran painter in pastel, uses oils to paint the expansive garden...

Robin, a respected pastellist, worked all week in another media. Here, she returns to soft pastel, painting the porch and wide mountain-range beyond...

Steve steps back to observe his painting and evaluates his what's next, while Susan and Liz work on their pieces.

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