Then, an Incredible Farm to Paint for Two Days...

Our group is given a tour of historic Hickory Nut Farm
where we paint for two days.
A property rich with historic buildings,
farmland, grand Blue Ridge vistas, apple orchard and more...

Barbara and Nancy compose their first painting of the morning...

Judy meets a new friend who is more interested in
exploring her paint as a treat than as a means to create...

Maureen explores acrylics in the midst of a long career
as a watercolor painter. Here she displays two paintings
on the same surface! Can you tell which was her first?

Dale works to capture a subject up -close,
while Robin works on a garden vista.

Even artists need to eat!! We have a sumptuous meal in Asheville's
Losbster Trap with spouses joining us.
A grand evening for everyone!

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