Our Final Day with much to do...

A most challenging time - The Hour Drill (setup, paint and repack in just one hour!)
Some even finish before the hour ends!

The objective - to implement all that has been learned during the week.
With ever changing light from the morning sun
all must capture their subject in a short amount of time.

Group critique time. Each participant explains his or her objectives
and progress for the week -
what they feel they did well, and what they still need to work on.

Diane gives final insights on what each artist's strengths and
where improvements can be made.

On our chilliest day yet,
Diane does a quick demonstration in oil on how to paint water.

Due to the chillly weather a simple sketch was created...
An oil sketch showing refelction of rocks, sky and grass in the water.

This concluded the workshop.
A wonderful time was had by all!!



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