- Welcome to Fairview, NC -
Host to the
Breath of Autumn Landscape Workshop...

An early start as Diane introduces the basic principles of plein-air painting.

Participants get an early start on a perfect day for painting.
Temperatures for Autumn were more like late Summer -
just right for painting en plein air.
Steve and Barbara set-up quickly.

Liz paints in pastel - Judy in oil...

Nancy "going to town" - Maureen tackles a tree...

Susan digs in, to paint a barn with trees - and PH Taylor
(our Host, prominent painter and owner of Willow Wisp Farm Studios),
paints a challenging backlit sunrise...

Missi paints all morning long dispite problems with an uncooperative easel...
Pastel painter Robin, challenges herself by forging ahead in a new media.

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