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Welcome to my official workshop site as advertised in The Artist's Magazine, American Artist Magazine, ArtShow.com, The Pastel Journal, and Shawguides.com. Artists at all levels in acrylic, soft pastel and oil are invited to register. Participants receive comprehensive, challenging, individualized instruction / training in plein-air painting; freedom, flexibility & tons of encouragement.

Following is the latest, workshop / registration information. Questions? Use the Contact form to reach me directly. Please allow a few moments for PDF packages below to open in your browser. All are printable for your use.


NEW! Summer Song Plein Air Workshop
September 10-11 | Wilmington, NC
In conjunction with the Landfall Foundation Art Show!


2 day Workshop


View/Print Workshop Info Package [PDF]
Landfall Foundation
1924 Pembroke Jones Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28405
Web: landfallfoundation.org
Email: info@LandfallFoundation.org


Limited to 15 Participants
Late Beginner to Advanced Painters


What is your painting "song?" What makes a painting "sing?" We will delve more deeply into what makes a painting sing and how to make YOUR paintings sing their song! This is a special 2 day plein air workshop to assist you individually with what you are doing well and what you can do to advance your imagery: whether it be color, compositional or other issue. We'll also discuss barriers to advancement and how to break them - whether mental or technical. Download the comprehensive PDF package to learn more and join me for this unique two days!

Workshop Fee $220 (includes 2 lunches)

Spring Splendor Plein Air Workshop
April 23-25 | Fayetteville, NC


2.5 day Workshop


Workshop Info Package [PDF]
Cape Fear Studios, Inc.
148-1 Maxwell Street
Fayetteville, NC 28302
Chris Kastner, Executive Director
Web: CapeFearStudios.com


Limit 15 Participants
Late Beginner to Advanced Painters


Explore and be inspired by the glowing colors of Spring! Paint gardens, flowering trees, open landscape and more, during Fayetteville's Annual Dogwood Festival. We will delve deeper into the aspects of plein-air painting such as creative composition, "seeing" then mixing the colors you really want, dealing with green, simplifying your painting and more. We'll work rain or shine with instruction sessions, instructor demonstrations, and lots of time for you to paint with individualized guidance at your easel. I will "coach" you in whatever style you work in: from tight Realsim to loose Impressionistic. For details about the workshop, including materials listing, you are invited to download the comprehensive PDF package.

Workshop Fee $225 (includes 2 lunches and 1 dinner)

Private Art Lessons

Private Art Instruction
Cary, NC
Contact Diane for more

· Private, two-to-three-hour private instruction in Diane's studio and/or en plein air. Receive a free personal review then decide whether you wish to work with Diane: everything from beginner drawing to advanced painting in acrylic, pastel, or oil.

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