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Is this Your First-Time Art Purchase?

A fun and rewarding experience...Collector with Artist

Everyone who has ever purchased a piece of art experienced their exciting "first time." Buying original art is not difficult but can sometimes seem like a daunting task for new collectors. And you are a collector as soon as you purchase your first original painting!

The biggest questions most people ask are, "how do I know I'm getting a good value for my money?", and, "how do I know this painting is worth the money?" and "what is the best reason for buying art?", and many more.

Here are some tips to assist with any art purchases you make whether through our Gallery or elsewhere.

First, the number one reason people buy art is not for investment but because they like it. That’s right! It’s a fact, that a few people purchase art for its investment value, but the wide majority of the public, (including myself) buys if a piece of art that captivates, moves or captures our imagination. It might be the colors, the subject, the way it was painted, whether it matches something in a home or office, or if seeking that special painting as a gift.

Second, look to see whether your painting is offered framed or unframed. If you'd like to frame-it-yourself, ask the artist if they can sell the painting unframed. If a piece is already framed, request to view the frame online before hand to be certain it's something you like.

Third, check the artist’s statement and biography to learn about their credentials. The more advanced they are in their career, the more you can expect to pay for their work. Emerging professional artists’ paintings are generally a good value, while well-known painters with a wide collector base are generally of high quality and a good investment.

Fourth, be sure to visit the Web sites of each artist you like to view more of their work. The more of a painters work you can view the better feel you’ll have for their style and subject(s).

Fifth, have fun! Enjoy viewing and shopping for the art that you like most.

Lastly, paintings by Diane are assured of the highest quality materials and value. Please feel free to contact Diane directly by email or phone with questions whether you see a painting here or with one of her representatives. She works closely with each gallery partner to serve her clients.

This online gallery accepts PayPal, cashier’s checks or money orders, and ship within North America through most carriers.

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