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Golden Crown


Started en plein air, this piece was finished from memory and refrences. I know this place well, as it is a great house across the street from where I once lived. This tree's magnificant crown of gold gets more glorious as the years pass. I was so happy to capture it at it's peak color. Neighbors, and passers-by stopped to watch as I began painting. Seems we never tire of beauty such as this!

After this painting was completed, this historic Revolutionary War home was removed to make way for homes. It meant even more to me to have painted it as you never know when something so treasured will be gone.

18x24 in. | Oil on Linen | 2006
Part of the Permanent Collection of the
Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society Museum

Benjaman Temple House
27 Federal City Rd
Trenton, NJ 08638
(609) 883-2455

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