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Learn at home how to paint landscapes - in-depth instructional videos for artists at all levels by renowned international painter, L. Diane Johnson.

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New! ITEM S-P1: Soft Pastel: A Painterly Approach
In this volume, Johnson creates a original studio painting that reflects the vibrance of a larger body of plein-air works. She shows how to loosen-up to create a lively, clear-colored painting.
60 min.
All Levels/1 Disk/Letterbox/NTSC/Color/English
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Coming Next:

Acrylic & Oil: Tackling Green
One of the best tutorials you'll find on mixing and using green, with exercises for you to finally conquer green once-and-for-all whether you paint outdoors or in the studio. Includes how to "see" and paint this marvelous and challenging color; and a landscape demonstration. All Levels.

Coming Soon:

Acrylic, Oil & Soft Pastel: Painting Trees
From beginning to end, learn how to really get a grip on how to paint trees on location. There's more to painting trees than meets the eye. Learn Diane's secrets to painting trees in any style! All Levels.

Acrylic, Oil & Soft Pastel: Plein Air Workshop
For artists who have never painted outdoors before, this comprehensive workshop covers every aspect of plein-air painting to get started and what it's all about! From what to expect, equipment, seeing and mixing color, light, composition to all things plein-air! Demos in oil, acrylic and pastel. All Levels.

Acrylic: How Paint Like Oils
Diane's trademark in acrylic is that her paintings have been said to "look like oil paintings." She uncovers and demonstrates her secrets to making a piece appear like an oil painting. All Levels.

Light is Everything
Without light there is darkness. Light is everything in painting, whether in a studio/outside in whatever media you use. Learn and see all aspects about the principles of light along with demonstrations in this video. All Levels.

Soft Pastel: Starter Kit
Beginner video with all you need to get started painting in soft pastel. Beginner Level.

Acrylics: Starter Kit
Beginner video with all you need to get started painting in soft pastel. Beginner Level.

General Acrylic, Water Miscible Oil & Pastel Demonstrations
Pure demos. Stay tuned!

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