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Easy to find, easy to buy...Collector with Artist

THIS IS THE PLACE where you, the art collector can discover how easy it is to find/purchase original-only art from Diane's Gallery or Representatives.

This online gallery offers a wide series of pages for you to view their originals, read Diane's extensive bographical materials and personal statements, or to inquire about a particular piece for purchase. Unlike other online galleries, this carries the work of one American painter which minimizes confusion to streamline your art search!

How many artists do you know or work with personally? What an opportunity to ask questions about how paintings were made or where they were painted than from the artist herself. Enjoy shopping!

For more art collecting information click on the link in the above menu bar as well as Diane's Representatives, or if you'd like to be updated about online exhibitions, special offers and new work subscribe to Diane's free Collector eNewsletter - just for you. View a back issue here [PDF format.]

Galleries and Art Dealers are also invited to contact Diane for more opportunities to secure her work. collectors. All of our artists are represented by brick and mortar galleries, dealers and others. Each is an independent businessperson, many have been in business for dozens of years so at PSG, artists represent themselves. You can be assured of the finest art service and interaction by working with artists directly.

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