Demonstration: Landscape on a Palette continued...

[4] This step may appear dramatic. Simply put, I mixed Cobalt Blue and Alizarin Crimson to create a violet, heightened with a bit of white and the Vermilion/Yellow of the sky applied the back-most land masses. Then progressively lowered the value and added more blue for the middle land; and finally more blue and Alizarin for the closest islands in the middle-ground.

I further took the violet mixture and dropped-in what will be the misty water masses created by the falls on the left and bottom of the painting. With a thin veil of the same color, I lightly went over the right side of the sky and water below. I had to work quickly to maintain a painterly look.

The paint at this point is still very thin. I did not want to commit too soon to the shapes and arrangement. If this had been a regular shaped canvas, the composition would have been easier. As you can see, the palette thumb hole is the greatest challenge facing me since I have a round sun to contend with. The paint will become thicker as I apply layers so have left the sun area white for the time being.

Detail Photos:

[5] Lots added here but still relatively thin paint. After allowing the previoius layer to dry I wanted to see how much darker the dried paint would be. It was substantially darker than expected. I proceeded to raise the values while continuing to build the painting.

Started working the cloud formations that are coming up from the falls, worked the sky as well as the distant land masses once again as they were too strong as compared to the foreground.

Detail Photos:

[6] As you can see, this sunrise painting is a very low key piece. To really set the stage for balancing everything color-wise and value-wise I did a preliminary coat on the sun itself as well as in the water reflection. Now I could more easily compare the very close values and keep my darkest dark and lightest light as my standard.

In review, until now, I have used just a few colors: Cobalt Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Vermilion, Viridian, Cad Yellow Medium and White. I want to use the fewest number of colors necessary to get the job done. Too many colors used in this particular piece will make it too spotty. My objective is to create a vast landscape in a small space while maintaining a rich color harmony throughout. This painting is basically a complimentary color scheme...that being, orangy and bluish with nuances of reds, greens and yellows.