Demonstration: Painting a Landscape on Commission, Part 2

Majority of painting
Now that I have the bulk of my blocking-in completed and have established the architecture, I can begin painting in earnest. This is where I really begin to enjoy the process.

I first go through a "redraw phase" quickly reestablishing the column structure and any other areas that need the edges more crisp. I have to be aware of places that will have "soft edges" to give more space and atmosphere to the painting.

I work on the sky and base of the clouds, hop down to work in the river a bit, then further down to play with the grass and shadows cast by the architecture. I am very aware of the sun as the light source and how it effects everything in the landscape.

I lightly re-sketch the trailing foliage over the architecture (see detain) then rough-in with paint before going on to the details.

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