Demonstration: Painting a Landscape on Commission, Part 2

Blocking-in the mountain & architecture...

Just before painting the pillars and upper arch, I complete blocking-in the mountains (diox purple + thalo + deep brilliant red + yellow) in different color quantities, first spraying the surface of the dry canvas with water to allow the paint to flow. The mountains will be cooler and grayer later on, but for now quickly lay-in a wash of these colors.

Next, the pillars and upper arch are painted in the same color as the client's wall. Since value is important to make the architecture convincing, the approximate shadow areas are applied (using a thin layer of diox purple + cobalt + yellow + white in varying quantities.) Then an overall creamy color (Unbleached Titanium + Parchment + white.*) Like the rest of the painting, I will return to further develop the pillars/arch later.


*NOTE: You may be asking why I have chosen to use the tube colors (in Liquitex) called "Bleached Titanium" and "Parchment". When I matched up the client's wall colors, these two tube colors most closely matched. I could easily mix these colors from white + cobalt and/or ultramarine + red. I will need large quantities of these colors. Using the tubes available will assure I always start at the same place. Then I can add other colors as needed into these.

Until now, I have concentrated on large masses of color. Now I will start working my way around the painting to fully develop the image.

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