Demonstration: Painting a Landscape on Commission, Part 2

The first layer of paint...

This layer will be shown on this and the following pages. The paint is heavier than the base layer, but not as thick as it will be later. I'm covering the canvas with masses of color. No attempt at detail, not for a long time yet. The largest areas are added first, but I had to key-in the teal green in the small trees early to match my color board.

First the sky is applied in a medium color (cobalt + yellow + white) which will be developed more later. Notice however, that darker sky to the left in the painting. The sun will be coming from the right so even now, I am considering the light source. Next the river color is added, which reflects the sky and has many of the same sky colors, only darker. Next, dropping in a few masses of trees and hills (viridian + yellow + deep brilliant red). No real value changes here yet, just some solidity of form.

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