Demonstration: Painting a Landscape on Commission, Part I

- The DRAWING Phase -

The Canvas Drawing
YEAH! Now I can really start--finally! I stretch and prepare a 30"x 40" canvas on stretchers. With the frame added, it will be exactly the size needed.

Before I begin drawing, I position the canvas on my easel at the approximate height it will hang on the client's wall. I want the viewer to see the scene as if they were standing at the actual landscape site. And since there will be architecture in this painting the perspective must be correct.

A bit of measuring assures that the proportions and scale are right. I begin the drawing with a very loose, stroke, working the whole canvas at one time. The preliminary sketches I did are used as reference. Many adjustments are made when translating from a tiny sketch to the actual painting. With a damp cloth nearby, changes are easily made while sketching. I don't want to overload the canvas with charcoal.

My main concern is that the arch and pillars be right. If these are off, everything will be off. The architecture will be the "frame" into which the landscape scene will be placed. I'll be spending some time on this stage of the drawing...

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