Demonstration: Painting a Landscape on Commission, Part I


Initial Sketches
With all the information collected, and much thought, I make rough many as it takes to pour out my initial impressions. They are not detailed -- anything goes at this point. A bit of free thinking and dreaming. More often than not, some of the earliest concepts are used in the final painting.

Back to the Client
I call the client to give her a verbal idea of the options I am considering to get her response. She likes a couple of the concepts and reinforces that she wants me to do what I think best. Her thoughts and feedback are important to me before proceeding.

Now that I have a basic idea of what will be painted, I mount selected sketches, notes, and photos, to a 30 x 40 foam or mat board (below). While painting I can instantly refer to the board at a glance rather than always flipping through a stack of pictures. I use as many boards as are needed for the project. In this case, I find one is sufficient.


After all the research, exploring of possibilities, and consulting again with the client, it is decided. This painting will be of a wall with a gently sloping arch with round columns matching the ones in the client's home. The opening looks over a landscape of sky, hills, a river, and trees. It will be realistic to Impressionistic in style, in acrylic on linen. Now we can begin the DRAWING phase...

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