Demonstration: The Canvas Road Show continued...

Here's yet another tip. Before I started using the boards for traveling, I took unassembled stretcher strips. Here I have two of each size I need. If I like 12"x16", I can use the same 12" strips with a 9" set to make 9"x12" canvas'. This saves me from taking 4-12" strips. They are easy to fit into your suitcase and you can assemble everything when you arrive to your destination, either layering canvas' with tape or staples. go with the tube, tape and boards. Either way...all is compact as possible and you can do tons of painting!

Now some of you have asked, "How long can I store paintings in the tube." The answer, indefinately. This is also a great way to store paintings rather than have stretched paintings all over an already crowded studio. Just be certain you use the glassine paper between paintings and keep sealed well in a dry place.

If stored for a long time, just allow the paintings to "relax" from being curled before stretching/framing.

Remember the painting on my easel shown on the first page? Well, it is still unfinished, but you can see it here unrolled from it's storage tube with 2" allowance, ready for mounting on stretcher strips.

Now the question may come up, "What about pulling it tight when stretching." Answer, no problem. Simply stretch as usual. The acrylics can hold up to the stretch and if it's still a bit loose use mist the back lightly, that's lightly, with water or better yet, use one of the tightening spray agents available in the art store.

Lastly, here is a close-up shot of the front and back corner of the painting above.

So "happy trails to you" as you go on "the canvas road show!!"

All the Best,

L. Diane Johnson is a fine artist and instructor with over 30 years experience in studio as well as plein-air painting.

©1996-2008 L. Diane Johnson


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