Demonstration: The Canvas Road Show continued...

I first prime the masonite boards with at least two coats of gesso and let dry for a couple of days to be certain it's cured. Then I begin taping layers of canvas to each board. For this demo I'll use an 8"x10" board which already has one layer of canvas applied.

Place front-side canvas-covered board down in the center of a new pre-cut piece of canvas. Keep as straight with the fabric's gain as possible.

Next, tape the center of one of the sides using masking tape. Masking tape is fine to use since it sticks well and removes easily. It won't be on the canvas long so at this point I am not concerned with archival issues.

I generally tape the canvas in the same way that I attach canvas to stretcher strips; one side then the opposite side. But to illustrate here, I'll simply move from one side around a corner to the next successive side.

I gently fold the corners so as not to tear the canvas. This particular brand of canvas is really tightly woven, sturdy and double-primed. But if you use a very thin canvas take your time pulling the corners.

Then just tape the corner down firmly.

Tape as much as you need to along the sides. Remember, this is not permanent, just tacked down enough to stay in place until a painting is completed. And yes, when you do the opposite side, pull the canvas tightly to minimize slack.

Here's the board turned over so you can see the finished, clean edge. Now repeat the above to add as many layers as you wish.

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