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Art Articles for Painters and Collectors by L. Diane Johnson

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Helpful articles, how-to's and commentaries on art for everyone.

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For Collectors & Artists:

Fine Art of Fine Art Collecting
Practical observations and information about collecting paintings whether a first-time buyer bargain hunting, or savvy collector of important works of art. [Published by L.D. Johnson on Squidoo]

Fine Art Collecting Resource Library
Collecting art is a passion. Contributing to that passion is the love of reading, learning about, viewing and purchasing fine art. This Library is a growing bank of links, magazines, books and all things related to art collecting. [Published by L.D. Johnson on Squidoo]

Final Design Consideration - Fine Art
Tips for anyone considering purchasing art for home or office.

Painting a Landscape on Commission PART 1
Learn what goes into creating a custom painting for a client. Part 1 covers the planning through the drawing prepration phase. Collectors, this is a great way to see how your commmissioned painting is designed and made especially for you!

Painting a Landscape on Commission PART 2
Learn what goes into creating a custom painting for a client. Part 1 covers the planning through the drawing prepration phase.

Description about soft pastel and care for pastel paintings.

For Fine Artists:

So You Want to Become An Artist?
Ever want to paint before? Whether you are thinking about taking the plunge into painting for the first time or are experienced. [Published by L.D. Johnson on Squidoo]

Acrylic Painting: Two Secrets
The top two ways to achive the look of oil using acrylics. [Published by L.D. Johnson on Squidoo]

Acrylics vs. Oil: Painting in Acrylic so they look like Oil
Collectors and artists have been baffled or years. How can you paint in acrylic so it looks like oil or how can you tell the difference? Here are some great tips...

Aim High - Dig Deep
Commentary for artists: Essential advice on how to maximize your talent and skills.

Basics of Landscape Composition
How to design and compose a landscape painting or drawing when working outdoors.

"Building" Your Plein-Air Painting
Step-by-step description of how to paint outdoor paintings and get the most out of the experience.

Canvas Road Show
An 8 page demonstration on how to prepare canvas' for traveling.

Definitions: Professional vs. Advanced Artist
There is some confusion as to what a "beginning", "intermediate" and "advanced" artist means as compared to the term "professional". Get the real scoop...

Demonstration of Still-Life Painting in Soft Pastel
Follow along as Diane paints a still life in soft pastel step-by-step.

Graphic Communication for the Fine Artist
Help for fine artists who want to learn how to plan their
marketing materials and secure local design and printing

How to Become or Find an Art Mentor
What is a fine art mentor? Learn how to find or become a mentor.

Landscape Painting on a Palette
Demonstration of painting an early morning landscape right on a painting palette! Unique treatment and considerations from regular canvas or board.

Make a Portable Paint Kit
How to take a simple case and create a great paint box for the field.

Mud Conscious
How to paint using clean beautiful color and correct for muddy colors in your work!

On Speed
Feeling pressure to paint more quickly? Learn what painting fast is really about...

Packing for Your Plein Air Excursion
Thinking about or already painting en plein air (outside on location) - Here's a comprehensive listing of essentials to include in your pack. Published by L.D. Johnson on Squiddo.

Pastel Portrait Demonstration
See how I created a simple portrait of a young child and learn how I dealt with issues of working from a photograph

Plein-Air Painting - In or Out? [Painted in Acrylic]
Watch how a landscape is painted from the inside!

Preparing to Paint Trees
Anyone can paint a decent tree, but how can you paint a great tree? Read this article about how to best prepare for painting among the world's most majestic subjects.

So You Want to Take an Art Class?
Tips for those who have or are new to taking Art classes...
How to go about finding the right class and instructor
to meet your needs and goals.

Soft Pastel Plein-Air Demonstration
Steps in painting a of a tree along a lake in soft pastel.

Sunset Painting Demo in Soft Pastel - [with video clips]
Demonstration of a painting created from a weak photograph from start to finish. Lots of tips!

For Graphic Artists & Illustrators:

Graphic Design and Illustration
Information and strategies for those interested in entering these
exciting career fields.

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